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Submarine build diary

March 2004

Started work on building rings for the main case. Each section of the octagonal ring was cut out individually then glued together with normal waterproof wood glue. Occasionally, when I needed to bridge larger gaps I had to use 'no nails' which has a thicker consistency to wood glue.

Ring picture

I have also managed to get a load of these small 12volt, 2.3 Ah, lead acid batteries. They are fairly old, but seem to recharge up without too much problem.

Lead acid battery picture

January 2005

Most of the rings are now made and simply stuck on top of each other to make the main chassis. It is about 60 cm long.

Sub case Jan2004

March 2005

Case a little bigger.

Sub case Mar05 picture

April 2005

End cap seal Apr2005 picture 1 End cap seal Apr2005 picture 2 End cap seal Apr2005 picture 3 Lock nut pic

September 2005

Changed everything, abandoned the old case and decided to go for a simpler box shape. This should give better access, at the cost of being weaker.

Sub case Sep05 picture