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Java proxy server

This page contains the free source code for an experimental Java Proxy Server NOT in a stable, end user state, written in 2000 for my computer science degree.

I'd recommend it to people who understand Java and want to gain some knowledge about proxy servers. Do want you want with the source code but I would be interested in any feedback you can give me, or updates I could put back on this page. If you want a commercial Java Proxy Server try Servlet.com or for an Open Source Proxy Server in C try Squid.

Final year report I did to accompany server

Version 1.1 - July 2000

The is a basically the below version stripped down, with a lot of the dodgy "features" removed. Updated to run a lot more easily from a JAR using JDK1.2.2.




Make sure you have at least JDK1.2.2 and download the proxy server by clicking below. This will download the source code and a JAR containing pre-compiled class files. You can then run the proxy server straight away by typing ''' 'java -jar java_proxy.jar' '''. This will then create a proxy server that by default listens on port 8080.

Note - the proxy server only supports HTTP 1.0. Newer versions of browsers default to use 1.1. There is usually a setting to switch back to 1.0.

Download - 1.1 Source code and Jar


Version 1.0 - June 1999

This is the original version I wrote for my Computer Science Degree project. It contains a lot of "features" that were meant to impress my inspectors like animated gif images filtering and pre-link page fetching. It was written for JDK1.1.6 and Swing. It only got to the stability of giving a half hour demo.



Download - 1.0 Source code

Screen shots

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