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Holux GPSlim236 GPS review

Holux GPSlim236 GPS pic

I bought a GPSlim236 from ebay in December 2006.

Was very easy to bind to my PDA, no problems locking on to satellites, battery life good.

The Bluetooth range seems abysmally small, in the order of a meter or two. It wasn’t strong enough to maintain a link between the GPS on my dashboard, and laptop on passenger seat. I don't have any problem with other bluetooth GPS units. It seems the manufacturer has noticed the problem and brought out a revision B with improved performance. Unfortunatly, mine wasn't one.


The instructions tell you to use the "GpsViewer?" application to turn on EGNOS. I was able to connect to the GPS with it, but it had no affect on EGNOS.

Holux GPSlim236 GPS 2 pic

To turn on EGNOS I had to use "SiRFDemo?". Be careful as setting random things can lockup the GPS. When this happened I had to open up the Holux and quickly short the internal battery to recover it.

To turn on EGNOS, switch to the SiRF? protocol and change the SBAS source. With a clear sky you should start to see a satellite with a number over 100.

Also within SiRFDemo? you can set the GPS to only return location reports if they are corrected with EGNOS. This seems partly broken.

Turning it on whilst it has locked on to the EGNOS satellite is fine. If it looses sight of the satellite (ie. go indoors) it stops location reports (again as expected). However, it then refuses to re-lock to the EGNOS satellite and never re-starts location reports.

Holux GPSlim236 GPS 3 pic